Waxblend Presents: House Of Wax Mixtape Vol. 1, hosted by Klass Money

Released January 4th, 2013 on the now defunct underground hip-hop label Only The Strong Records. Produced by Waxblend, except track #13 produced by Astro Kidz.

This is a free download (for promotional use only!), so enjoy…

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Throwback video: In My Heart

Check out this video from the summer of 2012, shot on location at the soon-to-be-teared-down “Kalkbruket” in Sala, Sweden, wich is somewhat of a local landmark for graffiti.
The song is titled “In My Heart” and was featured on the House Of Wax Mixtape Vol. 1 in 2013 and on the b-side of the single “Hip Hop Attitude” in 2011.

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Astro Kidz in the recording studio

Astro Kidz are currently in the House Of Wax Music Studio, recording their debut effort. The name of the record is still a secret and will be revealed closer to the release date.
Astro Kidz are a retro wave/house-pop production duo from Sweden, consisting of members Mikael and Kristofer. The band are heavily influenced by the likes of Lost Years, Lilla Sällskapet and 80’s synth-pop music.
More updates about this to come…

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